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Do you like writing about music theory? And do you want to share your words with others? Then we are looking for you!

We want to create a diverse community of guest authors that write for Sonid. Maybe you are an experienced music theory teacher, or you have just started to play an instrument. It doesn't matter, because we are interested in all your stories!

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Take this change to share your story with the world! Write an article about your music theory journey or explain a difficult topic. Your articles will be read by all our followers all over the world. We will always state your name and can even provide a back-link to your own website.

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Help us in our mission to make music theory fun! Inspire other musicians with your stories and teach them new things about music theory.

Build a community

Be part of our growing music theory community. Learn more about writing and music theory at the same time. We can also teach you everything about our CMS and SEO.

You can write about anything as long as it is related to music theory. So you could even write about your own favourite scale or composer. Anything is possible!

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