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learn music theory in a fun and practical manner


Understand how music works!

Sonid offers you all you need to learn music theory. You practice music theory online, in a fun and orderly manner. It is different in comparison to other courses because you will learn about a single subject at a time.

This approach will make your understanding of music expand more naturally and gives you the time to adapt to the new material. Sonid is made for beginners and more advanced musicians that would like to broaden their musical horizon. Complete Sonid and become a more refined musician!


Free yourself musically!

With Sonid you can learn everything about music theory, from the most basic subjects to advanced jazz harmony understanding. Start taking classes to learn about naturals, the prime interval and a flat note. Finish your music theory course with playing the most lush maj7#11 chord voicing and the melancholic spanish phrygian scale on your instrument. You can learn it all, step by step.


Practice music theory online

Sonid teaches you all you need to know about music theory. Follow classes in our web-app and start your musical journey. In our dictionary you can find all the scales, chords and intervals, with a brief explanation.

Keen to learn even more? Check out our video series and Spotify Playlists.

Why learn music theory?


Help your ears play music

Help your ears to play the right notes and chords by understanding which progressions are in a certain key. Use ear training to know which scale is to be played at a given moment in your song. Make variations of what is to be expected by altering modes.


Play beautiful melodies in any key

Find the right notes at the right time. Build your solo from the ground up and be able to express yourself with passion and rejoice. Use the most basic C major and A minor keys, church modes like G dorian or F lydian and altered scales like D mixolydian #11 to make your phrasing spot on.


Use chord substitutes and inversions

Make your playing sound unique by using different versions of chords, or replace them altogether to give a change of color in your voicing. Substitute Fmaj7 with Dm9 or play an inspiring Amaj9#11 instead of B7 to sound genuine and in control of your instrument.


Write the most compelling songs

Composing new melodies and chord progressions will never feel the same after completing the music theory lessons. Express your emotions just the way you want. Explore new realms of music harmonies and take your listeners on a fantastic journey.


Communicate with musicians

Let your fellow musicians know what you expect from them, using the correct terminology. This way, you will create an open and creative environment to let your songs grow more naturally.

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What do our users say?


Elmar Post

Easy to use and learn music theory with!


Joeri de Valenca

I always had problems with understanding what I was playing but somehow this app made me see what I was missing.


Renee Jansen

A very user-friendly and motivating app, I learned a lot already!


Sam Bartrop

Brilliant app for those interested in learning music theory from the beginning! Great interface and easy to use.


Victor Hensen

The app really managed to make me understand some more complex musical harmonies. Great!